The Designers Club

Welcome to the Club

The Designers Club is an elite members only club. Designers and tradesmen who are passionate about delivering the highest quality of work to their clients are welcomed. 

Becoming a member of The Designers Club has many wonderful perks:

  • Recognition of having only the highest standard of work and customer satisfaction
  • Members only discount and promotions
  • Referrals to customers & clients seeking Interior Designers 

Our Purpose for Designers 

We are here to share the burden of the some times overwhelming task of project customisation. We understand furniture design, what works and what does not and we are here to guide and advise you with our years of experience. Each member of our team is skilled in their own right and together we perform as a well oiled machine, from concept design to delivery and instillation. It's a thoroughly enjoyable process watching your vision come to life!

Having started out as an Interior Designer, Sharon faced all the typical difficulties designers have when trying to find someone to bring her creative visions to life. This is ultimately what led to the creation of The Design House 

We promise one thing here at The Design House and that is an honest ethical approach (we do expect the same in return). We can not do everything nor do we want to do everything. We have a select special set of skills and if we believe these can help you then we would love to work together with you. However, if you're project is something we feel we are not the right fit for we will also be the first to tell you, and if possible steer you in the right direction

Proud of our Extended Team 

The Design House has many fabulous designers already enrolled and as much as we'd love to name drop, we won't. But we will say that they have loved working with us as much as we have with them and we're certain you will too. 

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Look forward to welcoming more of you in the coming months and years 

The Design House x